Thursday, August 21, 2014

#Comrade #Trotsky Speaks


Old Tsarist Russia was forged together by an iron hoop of violence and despotism. During the last, cruel world war, this hoop was broken and fell apart. And along with it, old Tsarist Russia fell apart. And to many it seemed that the peoples of Russia will never come together as one. But, with our own eyes, we see a great historical miracle in the making. The Soviet power unites the peoples of tsarist Russia as one whole. The Soviet armies liberated Kharkov and Kiev. And what, the Ukranian people, do they want to live a separate life from the rest of Russia? No, they want a friendly, brotherly union and an indissoluble bond. The Red regiments liberated Riga and Vilna. And what, the Lettish people, the Lithuanian people, the Bielorussian people, are they set on separating from us by a stone wall? No, they want a friendly, close-knit union. And the same will happen tomorrow with Eastland, Caucasus, Siberia, with all now isolated parts of old tsarist empire. This means that in the hearts of toiling peoples, lives an unconquerable striving for putting together their forces. There, where there was the old tsarist empire forged by blood and iron, there was along with that, in the depths of people's consciousness, a striving for a brotherly life, without hatred, struggle and brawl of one nation with other nation. And now, the toiling people, who got in their hands the means of ruling the state, they build a new Soviet Federative Russia. And this new Soviet Russia reaches its hands to an awakening Germany. And there will be, in the whole world, a United Soviet Republic of All Peoples!"