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Fwd: Big green roof Beirut + 3D printed cars

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What's inside? The greenest roof in Beirut, a 3D printed car, and bike paths that glow like a starry night!

See this online


Beirut's concrete jungle just got a blast of green with GreenStudios massive rooftop garden  

GreenStudios helps one Beirut bank see much more green!

Israel's Stratasys prints a German electric car - one that will be affordable

The key is in the size of the printing tray and rapid prototyping to save money and time!

Glowing bike paths give Dutch cyclists a starry night 

Solar charged LED lights makes night biking a glorious journey


Speaking of night lights - what would your city look like without light pollution?  

This photo exhibition in Dubai will spark your imagination

A city needs worms and this garden tech company supplies

Buy a box of compost worms in Tel Aviv for $16
Jerusalem is on fire, but these scientists are putting a little water on the conflict 

Exploring caves and finding new species is part of this project for "enemies"

From Iraq's Hanging Gardens of Babylon to pot (yup, cannabis)

Discover how hydroponics is approaching novel new markets

Quiz: what 3 Middle East countries are best prepared for climate change?

Take a guess. Or it might be time to find a new home.

Beirut really cooks and locals really like to share recipes 

Read about new crowd-sourced book created by one special designer

Looking for creative, local recipes while still being macho?

Try our roasted halloumi cheese kebabs. Halloumi is a macho, beefy cheese.

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