Friday, March 31, 2017

SW Weekend Edition | Featured articles on Immigrant Rights, the Trump Train Wreck and More

SW Weekend Edition | Featured articles on Immigrant Rights, the Trump Train Wreck and More
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ICE opens fire during a botched Chicago raid

Carlos Enriquez | The ICE raid that ended in a shooting at a Chicago home is the latest escalation of Trump's reign of terror against immigrants.

Anger at corruption comes to a head in Russia

Yurii Colombo | Russia saw its biggest anti-government mobilizations in five years as a mostly young crowd answered a call to protest corruption.

Weekend Focus: NO WALLS, NO RAIDS!

Making May Day a day for solidarity

Nicole Colson | Immigrant rights organizations are joining with labor and other forces to build May Day into a show of strength against the whole Trump agenda.

Nothing less than full equality

Editorial | Immigrants and their supporters have a chance with the coming May 1 protests to not only oppose Trump's crackdown, but declare what we're for.

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Has Trump made the economy great again?

Lance Selfa | The stock market has been on a tear since the election, but that doesn't mean the economy is poised for takeoff, with plenty of jobs, as Trump promised.

An enemy of choice revealed

Michelle Farber | Neil Gorsuch was careful about what he said in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, but his sympathy with conservatives is clear.


Why the NGOs won't lead the revolution

Leela Yellesetty | Even organizations that do good work and attempt to be accountable face a limitation: They are only addressing the symptoms, not the cause.

What direction out the Brexit?

Amy Gilligan | Britain's government will start the process of leaving the EU, but masses of people are protesting Brexit's biggest fan in the U.S.


CPE1's principal has to go

Peter Lamphere | Parents have banded together with teachers at a public elementary school in New York City to demand a change in leadership.

The UAW takes aim at Nissan

Joe Richard | A United Auto Workers organizing drive in Mississippi has showed a militant spirit, but will it succeed where others fell short?

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