Thursday, March 23, 2017

Today's all-new SW alert | In Defense of Protesting Racists

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In defense of protesting racists

Monique Dols and Alan Maass | A backlash is in full swing after the Vermont demonstration against Charles Murray, but those leading the charge forget that protest is free speech, too.

Charles Murray's ideas should be challenged

Columbia Socialists statement | It is a grave disservice to the Columbia University community to invite Charles Murray to speak in this uncontested format.

The one undemocratic state solution

Daphna Thier | Israeli politicians who are calling for a "one-state solution" in Palestine support a radically different vision than the left.

Tom Cat does Trump's dirty work

Danny Katch | A Queens bakery is facing protests after threatening immigrant workers with firing if they can't prove their legal status.

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When the scientists march

Liz Ross | Activism by scientists is often greeted with amazement, but they have quite a history of protest, especially during times of upheaval.

How capitalism views disability

Jenny Rellick | To liberate students with disabilities, the students need to become aware that they are not responsible for their social disability.

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