Wednesday, June 21, 2017

SW daily alert | Nabra Hassanen Had More Than One Murderer

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Nabra Hassanen had more than one murderer

Elizabeth Schulte | A young man is behind bars for Nabra Hassanen's murder, but there are many other people responsible for promoting deadly anti-Muslim hate.

Victims of UPS's deadly drive for profit

By a UPS worker | The mass shooting at a San Francisco hub is upsetting for those of us who work at UPS, but it doesn't come as a real surprise.

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Why has this professor been targeted?

Brandon Daniels | Syracuse University Professor Dana Cloud is facing threats and abuse after participating in a counterprotest against Islamophobia.

Scott's anti-teacher agenda in Vermont

Nolan Rampy | Vermont Gov. Phil Scott is taking aim at teachers' health benefits as part of a larger effort to impose austerity in pubic education.

Oakland struggles after the spectacle fades

Luke Pickrell | Celebrities and the super-rich descended on Oakland for the NBA Finals--but not far away, the "other half" barely survives.

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