Monday, June 19, 2017

SW daily alert | A Symbol of Sanctuary for Others to Follow

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A symbol of sanctuary for others to follow

Joel Sronce | More than 100 people packed into a North Carolina church to welcome Juana Luz Tobar Ortega into sanctuary from ICE within the church's walls.

What's at stake in the crisis over Qatar?

Gilbert Achcar | A left-wing author explains the sources of the brewing conflict that led Saudi Arabia and other countries to cut ties with Qatar.

Join Socialist Worker along with more than 1,500 left-wing activists and authors in Chicago for Socialism 2017--a four-day conference to share lessons from history, learn about Marxist theory, discuss current struggles and debate questions for the left.

The question of caste

Steve Leigh | Arundhati Roy's book uses a historic debate to underscore the centrality of caste in India, while challenging the myths about Gandhi.

A living connection to past struggle

Obituary: Theodor Bergmann | We lost the last living connection to the left movement in Germany before the Second World War with Theodor Bergmann's death.

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