Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SW daily alert | Was George Washington a French Agent?

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Was George Washington a French agent?

Paul Le Blanc | A historian of the Russian Revolution looks at recently recycled allegations that Lenin was a German agent--and considers how the charge would fit in 1776.

Resistance to the far right takes shape in D.C.

Richard Capron and Donnie D. | A town hall meeting and counterprotest of a far-right rally were among the actions that mobilized hundreds of D.C.-area activists.

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Who's on trial in the Cosby case?

Rachel Cohen | What does the outcome of the trial of Bill Cosby say about how the court system treats survivors of sexual assault who seek justice?

Trump's war on birth control

Lauren Bianchi | The Religious Right has a loyal friend in Donald Trump, whose administration is out to gut women's access to contraception.

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