Wednesday, August 9, 2017

SW daily alert | The Resistance Needs to Be Anti-Imperialist

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The resistance needs to be anti-imperialist

Editorial | Those who want to oppose Donald Trump and the right wing have to challenge not just their domestic agenda, but their program for U.S. imperialism.

China's "one road" to global power?

Khury Petersen-Smith | The global manufacturing powerhouse is rolling out its most ambitious and assertive economic initiative yet: One Belt, One Road.

How should the left respond in Venezuela?

Interview with Carlos Carcione | A member of Marea Socialista provides a perspective on the conflicts and crisis in Venezuela from the vantage point of a left.

A team turns out to protest

Dave Zirin | There is a pressing need for all of us to take a lead from the Bethesda Soccer Club and defend the rights of immigrants.

Socialist Worker is marking the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution with a yearlong series of articles outlining the course and consequences of the revolution. The latest article in the series: "How Kornilov was defeated."

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